MSPA EA Membership Annual Dues (January - December)

 Regular Member, First Company Office €550,-
 Associate Member, First Company Office €550,-
 Candidate Provider Member €325,-
 Client Associate Member €325,-
 Additional Office membership to a Regular/Associate Member €300,-
 Additional Region membership to a Regular/Associate Member €300,-

* One-time administration fee for new members in the first year of membership:  € 75,-. 
(Not applicable to application for timely annual renewals.)

Optional services to the annual membership:

  • Additional Service Category Listings: €25,- EACH
  • Additional Industry Category Listings: €25,-EACH
  • Additional Country Listings: €25,- EACH
  • Additional Company Representatives: €100,- EACH
  • URL-link and expanded company information on MSPA web site: €100,-
  • Company logo AND expanded listing on MSPA web site: €175,-
  • Advertisement possibilities - MSPA EA website

2024 - MSPA Renewal, payment & instalments information (pdf)

Membership runs from January to December. Each year members receive their renewal invoice for the upcoming year and after settlement of the payment the member certificate will be renewed. Cancellation of the membership needs to be confirmed to MSPA in written (email, post) latest 1 month before the new calendar year starts. If the membership is not cancelled in time the membership is automatically renewed for the upcoming year.

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