If you have any general questions about MSPA Europe/Africa please contact Nikky Alkemade directly or use the form below. If you are a member of MSPA and have questions about specific issues contact the Board member that is in charge of that subject.


MSPA Europe/Africa
P.O. Box 82276
2508 EG The Hague
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-70-358 73 71


MSPA Europe/Africa is a registered association in The Netherlands. Chamber of commerce number is 27327932. VAT number. NL8199.83.974.B01

General Mystery Shopping Industry Information:

  • Mystery shopping is estimated to be more than a $1.5 billion industry
  • Current estimates indicate there are 1.5 million mystery shoppers
  • The scope of mystery shopping spans many industries, geographies, etc.
  • MSPA and the industry combat scams that attempt to legitimize themselves by claiming affiliation with the industry and/or industry participants.
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