The European/African MSPA Education team has been created to support MSPA members by offering them industry related training and education. 

Our current objective is to increase learning opportunities for our members by offering support via website chat, forums, e-learning & certification. These modules will be not only interesting in the sense of content, but also give members and their employees a chance to exchange thoughts with colleagues from other mystery shopping companies across Europe and throughout the world.

Our main focus is to develop educational tools for shoppers in Europe & Africa. It's important for our members' companies to work with professional Mystery Shoppers. The MSPA certification for shoppers will help members companies to stand out in their marketplace.

Also the MSPA Education Team can offer tailor-made workshops for members' employees & mystery shoppers.  We have a large database of professional trainers all over Europe who can assist members with their Education programmes.  In addition we can organize different workshops in countries across Europe & Africa.

Members should not hesitate to use our support services!

We encourage members to continue their life long learning process with us.  Please contact Stefaan for further information and/or to discuss ideas further stefaan@toplevelservices.eu.

Click here for further information about MSPA Europe/Africa Workshop Week (28 & 29 November 2018) 
Click here for further information about the current workshop calendar and events of MSPA Europe/Africa
Click here for further information about the 20th Annual Conference of MSPA Europe/Africa (21-23 May 2019)

About shopper certification

The MSPA recognises that Mystery Shopping is a profession, not just a hobby.  It‘s important for our member companies to work with professional Mystery Shoppers, that‘s why we developed this on-line European/African Certification programme.  In these challenging times, it‘s really important to hire the best! 

The Certification tool exists in different languages.  We can provide members with all the necessary POS to help promote shopper certification on their company websites. 

We stress that education and improving employee knowledge is crucial – as each employee has a crucial role to play in improving their company's reputation.

For more information about our Certification tool don’t hesitate to contact us
europe@mysteryshop.org or stefaan@toplevelservices.eu