F2F Workshop week & Masterclasses 

The past MSPA Europe/Africa Workshops and Masterclasses in Manchester, Prague, Amsterdam (several times), Rome, Nice all were a big success.

MSPA Europe/Africa Masterclass is an exceptional event where we can discuss the actual challenges of our industries and think together on solutions. Unique opportunity when we have quality time to analyze issues with great experts and support the community.

Jeno Zsiga
General Manager, Bare International Hungary Kft. (Hungary)

The Masterclass allows us to connect with other people in our business. It's great to talk about the challenges we share and it's a fantastic opportunity to get better together.”

Lisa Reißner
Project Manager, DR. FREITÄGER AG (Germany)

I have truly enjoyed the Masterclass and I would like to thank everyone that worked on putting together this great program. It was a breath of fresh air to interact with mystery shopping professionals once again face to face and to learn from the best at the same time. It was worth every minute! In fact, I would have liked it to be 2-days instead of a 1-day program.

Mazen Sakran
Founder & CEO, Customex (UAB)

Well done to all the MSPA team and presenters on a fantastic Masterclass. There was no shortage of remarkable ideas and insights, the challenge now is to execute them.

Phil Gibbs
Business Development Manager, Storecheckers (UK)

Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended about Mystery Shopping. In just 2 days I learned a lot and get some really good ideas that I will incorporate into my work in the future. 

Monika Ferk
Marketing and Media Communciation Analyst, Observer Genion Clipping (Slovenia)

I enjoyed the workshop talks and picked up some useful things, such as working with shoppers digitally. It was useful to learn new things.

Ondrey Dusek
Project Associate Director, Ipsos (Czech Republic)

One of the best things about the workshop was it helped me to think more about the shoppers, and not just the client. It also gave me the idea of rewarding the sales person in the shop with an instant reward, something I had not considered before. This was the first workshop I had been to, and I would like to attend more in the future. 

Monica Gustafsson
Key Account Manager, Bare International (Belgium)

I came to the workshop because the agenda sounded interesting, and I gained many new ideas at the workshop, both large and small. It gave me ideas and inspiration for new add ons for clients. I really enjoyed the sharing of ideas at the workshop, we do not feel like competitors – we are all from different countries and do not feel like we are competing with each other, but we are being supportive and learning form what we have to say. I enjoyed hearing about Luis’s company story, I felt he brought entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration. It was interesting to hear how good values tie in with looking after clients. 

David Coasne
Managing Director, Présence (France)

I found the workshop very helpful.  It was interesting when Stefaan said that Mystery Shopping is not about control, but about education. I really liked the idea of using storytelling, and of the shoppers using emotion in their comments. I also found it interesting learning about presenting the information back to clients.

Bettina Kallai 
Key Account Manager, Bare International (Budapest)

I came to the workshop because Luis convinced me to, and I learnt a lot – more than I had expected. We discussed improving delegation, which was helpful to me.  We also talked about how important our role is to the client, how valuable our service is to them, and how we can upsell by adding on presentations and consultancy after the mystery shopping visits. I found that the quality of all the speakers was very good, and I enjoyed networking with the other attendees.

Antonio Galiano
CEO, El Cliente Indiscreto (Spain)

Education week in Amsterdam was a really great experience, great value. Exchange of experience and knowledge with colleagues is more than great and helpful. A special value is fact that you can use all new skills as soon you get back in your office J. Definitely the best invest in training so far.

Sanja Gomuzak
CEO, Heraklea Mystery Shopping d.o.o (Croatia)

The training was insightful, practical and full of tips that one can start implementing immediately after the course.  Each of the trainers was very experienced and ready to share information that has made them very successful with their customers over the years. As a result of the rich contents of this training, my company is well positioned to add real value to our clients. I personally recommend this training to all MSPA members.  We thank the management MSPA EA for organizing this course so efficiently. I will personally rate it ‘Super’.

Roland Adade
Team Leader, SuperBrand Solutions Consult (Ghana)

Virtual Workshops & Masterclasses

It was very pleasurable and fun to be part of this workshop! It was of course very informative and the tips were much useful but you guys also made it much entertaining (ice-breaker) for the group.

Nikolas Charalambous - Conread (Cyprus)

Thanks Stefaan and Nikky for a great session 🙂 I really enjoyed the lively and interactive format, and came away with some great ideas to help us make our virtual sessions more engaging, productive and fun!

Amy Morgans - ReactCX (United Kingdom)

The MSPA Virtual Workshop was very useful, with lots of tips how to make more interesting on-line meeting or presentation.

Majda Rak - Temidia (Slovenia)

It was really a pleasure taking part in the MSPA Online Communication Workshop : tons of useful tips and interesting discussions among people that are proud to belong to MSPA EA and share a never ending passion for the Mystery Shopping industry!

Paola Caniglia, BVA-DOXA, Italy

Thank you for such an inspiring time, all the practical examples that were mentioned and the ideas from brainstorming during breakout sessions were enriching and my team has already chosen at least 5 of them which we started to use immediately. I evaluate this workshop as very fruitful, and cannot wait for the next one! Thank you for a great organisation of the workshop and many positive vibes :)

Tatiana Oveckova, NMS (Czech Republic)

Actually, I was not full of high expectations before the workshop, because the online communication is something that all of us has been experiencing in the last year, on a daily basis.

Still, the workshop brought a lot of new tips and tricks, especially when talking about the non-technical aspects of the online communication. It is very important to try to eliminate the distance between participants by being adequately informal and personal, by trying to pretend that there are no limits between us (distance and screens). The workshop remined me again that this involuntary separation brings new challenges and opens up the space for our imagination and invention. Specifically speaking, what I liked the most was an idea to have an online breakfast together with the Client – simply surprise participants by ordering home delivery for them.

Martina Farberova, Market Vision (Czech Republic)

Good tips for how to make online communication more interesting.

Anastasija Shulajkovska, Ipsos (North Macedonia)

A very pragmatic and energizing workshop to improve your skills with Zoom.  I have learned some nice “icebreakers” to start a meeting and create interaction. Moreover I learned which tools can be used to make the session more attractive. It was fun to share ideas how to deliver happiness to our clients!

Barbara Schouten, Excap (The Netherlands)

The Online Workshop combined all the perfect ingredients for a successful training: Great content, 2 fantastic speakers, colleagues of the industry willing to share their ideas and a lot of fun.

Thank you so much for organizing this.

Cristiani Oliveira, Intercampus (Portugal)

Thank you very much for your efforts to help us, members, so that we can be even better with education like yesterday. It was full of good practices that can be applied immediately in practice. Keep up the good work 😊

Natalia Ugren, Skrivnostni Nakup (Slovenia)

As always, these workshops are an extraordinary experience! You have shared many useful ideas with us and we have collected many new interesting possibilities

Guendalina Cesarini, Teleperformance (Italy)

I love the session – really informative and got me thinking about what I can do to make our meeting more interactive.  I love the idea of doing an activity together and getting rid of slides and PowerPoint.  There was lots to think about, thank you so much.

Megan Walker, ABa Quality Monitoring, United Kingdom

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