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What is the purpose of MSPA offering e-learning to Professionals? 

Knowledge is priceless! An investment to yourself!

The goal is to OFFER education to professionals who are working in the Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Industry. We have heard from shoppers, staff and members for years that they are no programs for them specifically connected to mystery shopping. The goal for the entire MSPA is education! 

  • These e-learning programs allow us to help you make personal and professional improvements for yourself and your industry. 
  • These courses are designed to help professionals who work in the mystery shopping & customer experience industry , and the whole industry by ensuring that all qualified shoppers have a basic knowledge and understanding of the mystery shopping market and for shoppers particularly how to carry out mystery shopping assignments. 

MSPA is proud to offer our online course to every professional seeking to be the best in their chosen field. 

Costs e-learning programs

  1. The costs to get access to the shopper MSPA Europe/Africa certification test is Euro 25 (is Euro 20,66 + 21% VAT) - no membership and is valid for 1 year.
  2. The costs to get access to a MSPA Europe/Africa e-learning course is per course Euro 79,- (Euro 65,30 + 21% VAT) - no membership
  3. New courses to the MSPA e-learning can be presented against different prices

Due to European Tax Regulations local VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged to each course or certification test for individual purchases. Please consult your local tax office to understand whether the VAT can be claimed back in your country or not. For MSPA member companies who order courses in bulk via the MSPA office - All customers within the Netherlands will be charged Dutch VAT. The reversed charged principle will be applied for European company customers that provide MSPA with a valid VAT number. Company customers from outside the European Union are exempt from VAT.

MSPA members Discounts: MSPA members sometimes receive discounts to courses, in the way of a provided "discount code" which they can use while buying the course. No refunds are given in case the discount code is not used during process the payment or forget to be included after the payment has been confirmed or with retroactive effect to previously confirmed and paid courses or other products of the MSPA E-learning program.

If you pass an e-learning program test you will receive a digital certificate and be recognized by MSPA Europe/Africa as a certified mystery shopper or professional.

  • For professionals this means joining a large network of professionals in the industry, share knowledge, receive industry updates, access to the knowledge base and the possibility to join MSPA as a Professional member (only for individuals) in the future (not yet available and not included to the fee of the courses).
  • For shoppers this could mean that when you apply for mystery shopping assignments most mystery shopping agencies will choose you over an uncertified shopper with the same necessary demographics for the assignment. 

The amount of money that you will pay for these courses will go towards further training and other services offered by MSPA Europe/Africa to its members and to the industry to ensure that our industry is even more professional and effective.

Refund policy: 

If you encounter any problems with the MSPA e-learning process, you must report the problem immediately after they occur in order to receive a refund. Delay in reporting the error will result in no refund, and you will have to wait 3 months to take the test or course again. To report problems, send an email to indicating: 

1) Exact nature of the problem and; 
2) Date and time of problem. 

Individuals have the right to cancel within seven days after the payment is made and receive full refund of their payment; however as soon as you started or completed one of the MSPA modules, tests or courses, and passes or fails, no refund will be made! 

Who will benefit most from these programs?

Anyone who wants to learn!
The e-learning courses for professionals who work at companies within the industry invest in themselves, gain knowledge of the different topics and join the network of individual MSPA Professionals

The shopper certification test will assist shoppers who are relatively new to the industry. They have the most to learn. It is also helpful for shoppers wanting to open the doors with more companies. Again, assuming all applicants are the same and one is certified, the certified shopper has set himself or herself apart. They will of course have to prove themselves and work themselves up the ladder like everyone else. Taking this test is a good opportunity to review the ethics and guidelines for
mystery shopping in Europe, Africa and beyond. 

MSPA Shopper certification is not mandatory. By taking this test MSPA cannot guarantee you will have more mystery shopping assignments, the same way a college degree cannot guarantee you will have a job. By taking this test you are investing in education. You are not however paying to get more shops, you are paying to learn more about an industry that is changing every day. 

I have some questions? 

If you are not sure what to do please re-read the instructions – they are very simple. If you still have a question please email to the following email addresses It may take a day or two to get back to you.

MSPA Europe/Africa
PO Box 82276
2508 EG The Hague 
The Netherlands 

Customer Service from Monday to Thursday, from 10:00 to 12:00, from 14:00 to 17:00 (GMT+1).