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Member Courses available :

Shopper Courses available:

Employees Code of Ethics Course (Euro 30,-)

The MSPA EA guide to our Ethics and Guidelines. With this course you will learn about our Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, how it affects your company, your employees, your clients and their employees and, of course, your mystery shoppers. 

  • MSPA EA Mission and Values Statement
  • Code of Professional Standards and Ethical Conduct
  • Applying the Code
  • Best Business Practices

COVID-19 Protocol for Face to Face Mystery Shopping (Euro 15,-)

This essential Professional certification is the fundamental test of COVID 19 Protocols that all MSPA EA member companies and their staff should consider. It is based on our published code and is essential for anyone working in the Mystery Shopping industry for a Mystery Shopping Provider. 

  • Purpose
  • Recommended Steps
  • General Business Guidelines
  • Preparation of the Project
  • Recruitment and Briefing
  • Training your Shoppers
  • Prepare for the visit - shopper checklists
  • During and After the Visit

GDPR and Legislation Course (Euro 79,-)

Covering the below topics. No need to do them all at once! You can stop and restart at any point- take your time, there is a lot to cover:

  • An Introduction to GDPR
  • How does GDPR Apply to Us?
  • Where GDPR applies and how it works in a wider context
  • The GDPR Processes you need to have in place
    • Part 1 - Client Employee Data
    • Part 2 - Mystery Shopper Data and Video Mystery Shopping
  • Documenting GDPR and final things to consider
Shopper Certification Introduction (Euro 15,-)

This certification LEVEL 1 is the basic qualification MSPA Europe/Africa currently provides to support mystery shoppers across Europe and Africa. It covers all of the key elements required to better understand the mystery shopping industry and how you can be involved.

  • The MSPA Code of Ethics
  • About Mystery Shopping

Shopper Certification Implementation (Euro 25,-) 

This LEVEL 2 covers the MSPA EA guide to Professional Mystery Shopping. With this course you will learn about our Professional Standards, how it affects mystery shoppers and how to work to the highest standards to build a great reputation.

  • Acceptance and preparation for the visit
  • The Mystery Shopping Visit
  • Reporting Your Mystery Shopping Results

Shopper Certification COVID-19 Protocol (Euro 15,-)

This essential certification is the fundamental test of COVID 19 Protocols that all Mystery Shoppers consider. It is based on our published code and is essential for anyone working in the Mystery Shopping industry as a Mystery Shopper.

  • Purpose
  • Recommended Steps
  • Before, During & After Fieldwork