* Associate - Companies or individuals who are not providers but are professionals involved in business as a subcontractor, consultancy, technology vendor, training company, HR provider, or other supporting trade company.Typically vendors who cooperate with or sell products/services to MSPA  Company members.

This page is for companies seeking mystery shopping services.


If you are a shopper seeking mystery shopping companies, please DO NOT use this page. Instead, go to the SHOPPERS AREA of this web site.

Are you looking for an ethical company to perform market research for you? Would you like to develop an incentive-based shopping programme to boost your level of customer service? Are you interested in learning more about what your competitors are selling? Perhaps you've been wanting to learn more about your customer's buying preferences in order to better meet their needs?

You've come to the right place. The MSPA is an association of companies who specialise in mystery shopping and market research. Formed with the goal of improving and stimulating the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of mystery shopping, all MSPA members agree to uphold the highest standards of ethical, business and professional conduct in their work.

MSPA is an international association. To search for members of the other MSPA Regions, please click on the link below for the proper region.

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