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General questions

Our foundation

The MSPA is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. It was founded in 1997 in the USA and has grown to include over 450 member companies worldwide. Its diverse membership includes marketing research and merchandising companies, private investigation firms, training organizations and companies that specialise in providing mystery shopping services. Member companies work with their clients to establish mechanisms to measure and improve levels of service. Further information on the history of MSPA.

Our organisation

The MSPA operates on a geographical basis, under the general guidance of a Global Board of directors. Currently (2018) chapters operate in the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia-Pacific. Details of the chapters may be found on the MSPA website

Our ethics

The MSPA seeks to promote the ethical use of mystery shopping within the business community. All MSPA member organisations agree to abide by the codes of Ethical Standards for businesses and for shoppers (see details on the MSPA website)

The MSPA is dedicated to improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry. A fundamental aim of the Association is to ensure that standards are maintained. To improve the value, reputation and stimulate the use of mystery shopping services, it is important that information about mystery shopping services is accurately communicated to both the business community and the public at large, while complying with applicable government laws, regulations and ordinances.

MSPA member companies do not charge shoppers to apply for work. Over the last several years, there are more and more non-MSPA companies on the Internet who charge incoming applicants a fee to apply at their websites. In many cases, the fee simply entitles the applicant to gain access to the websites of other mystery shopping companies. There is a wealth of free information available on mystery shopping on the MSPA website,  

Our evolution

Since its foundation the MSPA has grown to over 450 members worldwide. It continues to grow as more companies apply to join, and the geographical coverage of the organisation extends.

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