MSPA Guide to Mystery Shopping

Welcome to our first Guide aimed directly at all users of Mystery Shopping, and providers and their employees.

At the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) our goal is to improve and stimulate the understanding, performance, reputation, and use of Mystery Shopping. We work to cultivate the culture of professional standards and ethics within the industry, and have an ongoing series of events to Connect, Learn and Share new ideas and developments.

The aim of the MSPA Guide to Mystery Shopping is to clarify the role and purpose of the MSPA;

The Guide To Mystery Shopping was prepared by MSPA EA to promote the widest possible use of mystery shopping delivered professionally by MSPA EA Members. It contains intellectual property of the MSPA EA and its contributors and can only be reproduced with the permission of MSPA EA and must contain reference to, layout and logos and links to MSPA EA content. If any member wishes to translate some or all of the content from English then this is welcomed, but only on the condition that MSPA EA is consulted and the translation use all original layouts and references and links made by the MSPA before the translated version is published.



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