The Smiling Report is an annual worldwide survey performed by MSPA members, highly appreciated by media and clients worldwide!

Covering 69 countries have submitted data from more than 20 million evaluations of whether the mystery shopper received a smile, a greeting or an add-on sales suggestion.

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MSPA Members - Start preparing now!

Prepare to join by TAGGING your clients/projects to an INDUSTRY (automotive, banks, hospitality) and the questions in all your survey forms that are related to the following categories:


Then it will be easy for you to pull the data immediately after the end of the year. Please talk to your IT-company already now and you will be able to participate in the NEW Smiling Report in an efficient way.

No separate surveys are required, the providers submit aggregated data from all visits already performed during the past year. No individual companies are identified, only total figures per industry and per country.

How to provide your data 

Very simple - fill out a simple report from for your market: 

SHARE YOU DATA FOR 2024 Deadline for 2024 data submission is February 15th, 2025!

That's all you need to do!
  • Deadline for 2024 data submission is February 15th, 2025!
  • After that, we process the data and prepare a report for you that you can use for your own needs.
  • You can use the materials for PR or as additional useful information to your clients. In any case, insight into the results of global research is always interesting and can be used in many different ways.
  • It is up to you to decide whether to use the Smiling Report for multi-channel PR, additional information to clients or something else, depending on your needs.
  • Participating companies receive access to the new dashboard to have access to the full survey details!.

Smiling Report Dashboard

In addition to the reports that we will prepare for you, Smiling Report is available in a refreshed and brand new, improved edition. In the new visualization format, historical and new results are available, it is possible to cross results and show them  individually for all markets that were included in this research.

The new dashboard provides insight into statistics dating back to the start of project implementation to the present day. It is very simple and user friendly, so it is very easy to export interesting data for both clients and the media.

The Dashboard is hosted by the company Insight Now as partner of the Smiling Report initiative.

MSPA Members - How to join

You only need to tag all questions you have during 2024 that are about Smiling, Greeting, and Add-on Sales. And in January/February of each year, pull the number of questions and the number of YES responses, per industry and per country. It is very easy to tag questions and if you need support, please talk to your software provider already now so you are prepared. 

If you have mystery shopping data from several countries, please submit one form per country.

You don’t need to do any additional surveys to participate, and you will not disclose any client names, nor any other personal data.

Join one of the largest surveys in the world about smiling, greeting and add-on sales!

Smiling Report