MASTERCLASS - Thursday 24 March 2022


We are planning our first live face to face meeting since 2019! 

The Masterclass is scheduled to take place on Thursday 24 March 2022 - at the Steigenberger Schiphol Airport Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Our March Masterclass event is aimed at the first 20 business leaders and influencers who have taken an active role in developing their business over the last two years. The event will be hosted by Stefaan Vandroogenbroek, Chair of the MSPA Global Board, who will bring his special energy and insight to the event, together with our MSPA EA Board Colleagues.

This is a not to be missed chance to meet again after so long!

Programme - March 24th, 2022

Check the AGENDA BUTTON above to see the full programme or download a pdf version!

09:30 – Welcome and Introductions 

10:00 – Survive and Thrive – growing your business in changing economies! 

11:30 – The Journey from Mystery Shopping to the Complete Customer Experience 

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Navigating Uncertainty 

15:00 -  Break

15:15 – Bringing Everything together, Purpose, People, Proposition and Potential 

16:00 – Closing Remarks

How to Register

Check the REGISTRATION BUTTON above to see all detail!

Prices are 275 Euros for the first attendee from a company and 225 Euros from the second. 

The Masterclass is a not to be missed opportunity to share best practice with leaders and influencers from the industry.


Check out the feedback from participants who already joined previous MSPA masterclass...

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

Founder ToplevelServices
Chair MSPA Global Board
Past President MSPA EA 

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Jill Spencer

Jill Spencer

Associate Director ReactCX
Past President MSPA EA
Past Chair MSPA Global Board

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Nigel Cover

Nigel Cover

Governor MSPA EA
Past President MSPA EA
Past Chair MSPA Global Board
Founder Cover Consulting

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Luis Duarte

Luis Duarte

President MSPA EA
Founder MORE Results

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Václav Šojdel

Václav Šojdel

Vice President MSPA EA
Country Manager at Market Vision

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Nikky Alkemade

Nikky Alkemade

Executive Director MSPA EA

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Thanasis Papapostolou

Thanasis Papapostolou

Board Director MSPA EA
Founder, AIP Consulting

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Wednesday March 23rd, 2022

19:00 - 20:30 hrs

Informal Dinner (Optional)

Thursday March 24th, 2022

09.30 - 10.00 hrs

Welcome and Introductions

10.00 - 11.15 hrs

Session 1 - Survive and Thrive – growing your business in changing economies!

Hosted by Luis Duarte (President MSPA EA) and Vaclav Šojdel (Vice President MSPA EA)

Luis Duarte

Luis and Vaclav will share how to flex and pivot your proposition to meet the challenges we face today - developing powerful and sustainable actions to keep us going forward. 

Luis will explore whether we are all focused and committed - Do we really want to grow your businesses?  We are going to talk about the impacts on such decisions in our lives.  We will cover and discuss is "How to get ready to grow" so you accelerate your business GROWTH in the most appropriate and successful direction.  The third and final point; once you have decided you want to grow, we are going to present and discuss the 3 KEY FACTORS you need to act on.

Vaclav will take this theme further and explain how you can adjust your proposition and react to changing economic cycles including the changes caused by the pandemic.

  • At different stages of the economic cycle, mystery shopping is used differently, let´s find ways how to be agile enough and react accordingly.
  • Diversification of your Mystery Shopping Portfolio based market changes.
  • Balanced Scorecards and Mystery Shopping, how they come together.
  • Case study: Employee Experience in a period of low unemployment
  • The pandemic has a significant impact on some macroeconomic variables, we are currently dealing with, for example, high inflation and the commodity crisis. Let's look specifically at how these changes affect our industry and how we should respond.

11.15 - 11.30 hrs

Coffee/tea break

11.30 - 13.00 hrs

Session 2 - The Journey from Mystery Shopping to the Complete Customer Experience

Hosted by Stefaan Vandroogenbroek (Chair, MSPA Global) and Nigel Cover (Governor MSPA EA)

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

Stefaan and Nigel will run an interactive workshop to explore a collective understanding of the new opportunities and techniques for all businesses to benefit from as Mystery Shopping leads into Customer Experience

  • SWOT Exercise - Challenges and opportunities for MS
  • MS vs CX?  The fight for the same budget or an integrated proposition? How can we combine MS with other techniques to provide a complete service to your clients?
  • Positioning and selling Mystery Shopping - Latest trends in CX and MS

After this workshop you will come back to the office with many ideas you can immediately implement in your day-to-day work and share with your colleagues. Interactive workshop where besides receiving many ideas, time will be available to share best practices with each other.

13.00 - 14.00 hrs


14.00 - 15.00 hrs

Session 3 - Navigating Uncertainty

Hosted by Thanasis Papapostolou (MSPA EA Board Member and Founder of AIP Consulting)

Thanasis Papapostolou

In a world of increasing complexity, accelerated change, and systemic shocks, business owners and employees need something to help them find their footing and move forward, despite the challenges we face. 

This unique session will help attendees: 

  • Learn how to maintain inner calm and confidence when faced with challenging circumstances 
  • Develop lifelong strategies for self-compassion and acceptance 
  • Ways to improve your ability to adapt to change, uncertainty, and ambiguity

With all the challenges in our world managing ourselves and those around us will define our success!

15.00 - 15.15 hrs

Coffee/tea break

15.15 - 16.00 hrs

Session 4 -  Bringing Everything together, Purpose, People, Proposition and Potential

Open discussion forum hosted by Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck (Chair, MSPA Global) 

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

The future of Mystery Shopping, evaluating relevance and clarity of purpose, people and proposition, reconsidering answers to the most important questions

  • What is Mystery Shopping?
  • Who uses Mystery Shopping?
  • Why is it used?
  • Where and when is it used?

How do we each define our future and what have we learnt together?

16.00 - 16.15 hrs

Closing Remarks

This is a not to be missed event, planned in Amsterdam at the Steigenberger Hotel, subject of course to pandemic conditions.

How To Register

  • Prices are 275 Euros for the first attendee from a company and 225 Euros from the second. 

The registration fee includes a full day of interactive sessions, refreshment breaks and lunch on Thursday March 24th. Transportation and accommodation are not covered. We recommended delegates book flexible transportation tickets and accommodation can be booked with flexible cancellation terms directly at the hotels website.

  • A pre-dinner is organized for trainers and participants on Wednesday March 23rd for those who arrive early, for Euro 50,- including a set three course menu, 2 drinks and coffee/tea. 

An invoice, including an online payment possibility to pay by credit card, will be sent to you by email after receipt of your registration and when the Mastercalss are officially confirmed by MSPA Europe/Africa - latest 1st week of March 2022. Subject of course to pandemic conditions.

Bookings & Cancellation policy:

  • The Masterclass Fee includes all schedules sessions, materials, 2 scheduled coffee/refreshments breaks and lunch on Thursday March 24th, 2022. 
  • The fee excludes VAT, and any dinner, hotel & travel costs (such as accommodation).
  • Cancellation is only possible in writing and send to If cancelling latest March 14th, 2022 no costs are charged; as of March 18th, 2022 a Euro 100 will be charged per cancellation for administrative purpose. If cancelling on or later than March 22nd, 2022 the full registration fee will be charged. .
  • You may always let another colleague take your place at no extra charge or cancellation fee.
  • In cases of force majeure (for example war, public unrest, close to civil war, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters) MSPA holds the right to cancel the Masterclass in full or reschedule to another date. MSPA will do there utmost to refund the registration fee in full or partly to the delegates, reduced with the cancellation costs received by third parties. Damages and costs third parties, resulting from the action of force majeure circumstances will not be compensated to delegates (like flight tickets, hotel costs, etc).
  • An invoice is send by MSPA Europe/Africa for the Masterclass fee. The invoice needs to be settled within 3 weeks after receiving the invoice.
  • When the Masterclass is confirmed all delegates receive an official confirmation. At the time the Masterclass will be confirmed all delegates receive information on the hotels near to the Masterclass location to reserve a hotel room if required. Please do not reserve an hotel room before MSPA confirms the Masterclass to you to prevent any cancellation difficulties, however the hotel do offer very flexible cancellation criterias at this time.  
  • MSPA Europe/Africa holds the right to cancel the Masterclass if the minimum number of delegates is not reached - 13 persons.

The Masterclass will be organised at the
Steigenberger Aiport Hotel Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Hotel reservations

Be advised that if your require hotel reservations you need to arrange this directly to the Steigenberger Aiport Hotel Amsterdam or another hotel, it’s NOT included in your registration fee.

To reserve your hotel room at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam please visit -


Steigenberg Airport Hotel Amsterdam
Stationsplein  ZW 951
1119 CE Schiphol Oost / Amsterdam
The Netherlands

  • It is an easy to reach hotel at the Airport Schiphol: During your stay at the hotel you can make use of a free of charge shuttle service from and to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – located at the bus stop number A9. 
  • Directly outside the arrivals at Schiphol Airport on the right hand side; You just have to follow the yellow sign with "Hotel Shuttle Bus Stops" and you will end up at the right Bus stop, named Steigenberger.
  • Don’t forget to bring a facemask as this is needed for the transfer bus, public areas and as well within the airport.
  • It is only a 10 minute drive…. You will definitely recognize the shuttle as the name of the hotel is marked on the bus!

Their are several hotels in the area if you like to stay at a different place or....combine the event with a short stay in the city Amsterdam! 

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

Chair MSPA Global & Founder ToplevelServices

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck - Chair MSPA Global Board, Past President MSPA Europe/Africa 2019/2021, Founder ToplevelServices

Stefaan is an expert in the field of Mystery Shopping and Customer Service Relations. During his early career, he successfully created and managed three different contact centers in Belgium and the Netherlands. During the last 8 years he has established himself as an expert in the creation and ongoing management of Mystery Shopping and Market Research projects.  He has also qualified as a trainer/coach during this time.

It was whilst working as a Contact Center Manager that Stefaan discovered the value of using Mystery Shopping techniques. He was so motivated by this experience that he moved across to work for a Belgian Mystery Shopping company.

After three successful years as part of the Mystery Shopping world Stefaan was promoted to the role of Associate Director, and such was his passion for his work that he decided to set up his own company in Lille in early 2010. 

Stefaan's strong background and extensive experience in his field of operation, together with a continuous and infectious enthusiasm, has helped ensure that together with his skillful team, he will continue to drive local and European Mystery Shopping projects to a successful conclusion for his clients.

As a member of the MSPA European & African Board, Stefaan continues to work with expertise and passion for Education & Accreditation as President.


Jill Spencer

Jill Spencer

President MSPA Europe/Africa, Chair MSPA Global Board, Director ReactCX

Jill is Associate Director, at ReactCX.  She has worked as a mystery shopping service provider at senior level since 2000, having previously earned a strong reputation for expertise in the Customer Experience arena whilst working in varied and challenging roles for blue chip retailers. 

Over the past 20 years, Jill’s core objective has been to raise the profile of customer service in business. It is a testament to her passion and commitment for the subject that the companies Jill has worked for, and in partnership with, now place customer service at the very top of their boardroom agenda.

Her more recent work focused largely on the engagement and education of frontline workers.  By raising the level of understanding that the frontline has – and providing clear leadership and direction relating to individual and team goals – a more engaged work force has evolved, as well as a clear movement from a ‘task focused’ to ‘customer centric’ work ethic. Of specific interest at board level, the work also identified clear correlations between higher engagement levels and stronger sales performance across the client organisations that Jill worked with during this study.

Jill has written a series of case studies on the value of mystery shopping, including some high profile return on investment work, and has had several articles published on this subject.  She has also spoken at conferences throughout the world on the topic of Customer Experience.  Jill has worked as a board member of MSPA Europe/Africa since 2012, was appointed President in 2017 and Chair of the MSPA Global Board for 2019.

Away from work, Jill has a passion for sports and travel, and her Fantasy Football prowess is legendary!


Nigel Cover

Nigel Cover

Past President MSPA Europe/Africa, Founder Cover Consulting

Nigel is a Senior Executive with a wealth of experience with leading Mystery Shop and Customer Experience organisations on a global stage. Past President of MSPA Europe 2011/2013 and Chair of the Global Advisory Committee in 2015.

In 2017 appointed by the MSPA Europe/Africa board as external Strategy Consultant.

His passion is simple, people make the difference in business - their engagement as an employee and experience as a consumer are what makes a brand powerful and successful. With extensive knowledge in the fields of Customer Experience, Customer Insight, Customer Loyalty and Employee Engagement he has a broad and unique 

Having been involved in market research and the mystery shopping industry almost all his working life, he has extensive experience of advising clients how Insight and measurement tools can work together to maximise their ROI. 

His particularly formative experiences included setting up and managing the expansion of operations in UK, Germany, France, Spain, USA and APAC.

Nigel has focused his expertise on the areas of balanced scorecard implementation, standards measurement, training, incentive and reward tools.

Regardless of the nature of project work being undertaken, Nigel will always focus on delivering best value to his clients, by ensuring that there is a continuous emphasis on speed, accuracy and technology to make information more accessible, actionable and reliable.

Luis Duarte

Luis Duarte

President MSPA EA & Owner MORE Results

Luis Duarte founded More Results – a Market Research & Insights Agency - in 1998, having previously worked in Management positions in Hotels & Tourism and in Retail, in Portugal, Germany and England. Currently Luis heads a team of dedicated professionals that are focused on helping their clients improving their customer experiences. Luis is very involved with the internal and external clients and one of the areas he is responsible for delivering results is Innovation. When it comes to Customer Experience his motto is “The answer is Yes – Which is the Question ?”.


Václav Šojdel

Václav Šojdel

Vice President MSPA EA & Country Manager at Market Vision

Václav works as Country Manager at Market Vision Czech Republic. Market Vision is a research agency that closely focuses on Mystery Shopping, Customer and Competitive Intelligence. Their motto: "We transform information into business. We help our clients to better know their market and to improve their relationship with their customers in order to increase their sales figures."

He is a graduate economist. His passion for research first appeared during his studies at the university, when he began to devote himself to large-scale domestic and international projects in the field of competitive telecommunication intelligence, working mainly for T-Mobile.

In the area of Mystery Shopping, Václav has been specializing in automotive and telecommunication sector, where he acquired extensive knowledge. His great interest, in favor of the maximum satisfaction of clients, is, in particular, to fully utilize the potential of audio or video recordings, especially for subsequent individual training or coaching of employees. Another area that he is constantly developing for his clients is the use of Mystery Shopping for price, competitive and benchmark sector analysis.

Václav occasionally publishes and lectures in specialized periodicals on the collection of customer feedback and competition monitoring in the Czech Republic. He successfully participated in the launch of one of the first start-ups in the area of "self-assessment schemes" in the Czech Republic called

About his career relationship with Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience he sometimes says: „Who else should be involved in Mystery Shopping industry than anybody from „Check“, sorry Czech Republic.


Nikky Alkemade

Nikky Alkemade

Executive Director MSPA EA

Nikky joined MSPA in 2004, in the role of Executive Director of MSPA Europe/Africa. Her role and remit has increased significantly over the past 15 years, and her knowledge and influence have been key to the progress made by the Association during this period of time. 

The level of support and expertise that Nikky is able to provide will be invaluable if the growing ambitions and objectives of MSPA Europe/Africa are to be realised.

Thanasis Papapostolou

Thanasis Papapostolou

Founder - Operations Manager, AIP Consulting

Thanasis is the founder of AIP Consulting, an international Market Research company with a focus on Customer Experience Management services and technologies. Furthermore, he delivers training to middle and upper management executives in the fields of Leadership, Negotiations and Sales. Additionally, he offers Coaching and Mentoring services & tools to Startups and Executives. Prior to that, he has served in Sales Management positions for various global FMCG & Retail companies for 15+ years.


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