Message from Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck, President MSPA EA

Message from Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck, President MSPA EA

Dear friends,
It’s clear that we face challenging times for our families, friends, communities and at work.

Firstly, we as a board send you the very best of wishes and good health to you and your families.

Your MSPA family is here to help you however we can with your Mystery Shopping business as it goes through this challenging period – we may all be at different stages but we all face similar issues.

MSPA has a number of important initiatives in place that I recommend you take part in, to help face the consequences ahead together, explore the available opportunities and to unite:


Our first priority is to communicate in the fastest and most productive way possible!

  • We have created Facebook group MSPA MEMBERS - CORONA INFO where we can share our concerns, ideas and opportunities
  • We have held the first Webinar on Friday 20th March where we have collected the views from some of the MSPA members around the world  
  • We are planning more Webinars over the coming weeks for members


We are learning fast from each other every day, and we will be providing the following as soon as we can:

  • Polls for us to understand where we are as a collective, to better understand the trends, key issues and confidence levels of our members
  • We are rapidly reviewing our LMS content so we can provide you links to valuable recorded webinars and online learning for you and your colleagues
  • We encourage everyone to use this period of retreat to reflect and learn so we all move forward positively


We have an amazing community!  The board, and every member of our association is free to share ideas and information on our Facebook group or with our MSPA team in relation to:

  • Questions you have about the challenges to overcome
  • Opportunities you see that everyone can benefit from
  • Important MS news stories - good news travels fast!

CONNECT, SHARE & LEARN, the key words of your association, have never been more important than they are now.

My final thought is that this is a time to face the challenge, move quickly and work together for the benefit of our collective future.

Best wishes from us all,

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck
President MSPA Europe/Africa

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