Quick Update for MSPA Members - New Facebook Activity

Quick Update for MSPA Members - New Facebook Activity

Dear MSPA colleagues and friends,

For those of you who don't already know we have created a closed group on Facebook called "MSPA Members Corona Info". It is open to members only and already has great input and sharing.

We also have a Webinar for the group hosted by Steve De Pietro, Nigel Cover and Nikky Alkemade this Friday March 20th, 8pm GMT.

  • A link to register for the free webinar is included to the FB Group page and we hope to see you all.

Join the group, get connected with all other members, and we will get you in!

  • A link is send to all members by email, but in case needed, reach out to Nikky at the MSPA office via or connect with her directly via FaceBook and she will invite you to the group.

Stay safe out there... 
We look forward to our Association working together for our collective future.

Best wishes

Your MSPA EA team

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