MSPA to grow in Africa !

Mystery Shopping is growing in Africa. It is clear that the need for more partnership and sharing between MS providers is increasing. This is why MSPA board decided to connect more frequently with African members through regular online meetings.

The first meeting took place on 6th of November and it was a real success as the participants were happy to communicate with each other.

Our goal is to help the members to improve their performance through all these learnings.

We aim also to enlarge the circle and to recruit new members within the 54 countries of the continent. 

Did you know that – according to one exclusive and extensive online census - there are around 400 companies working in market research and/or mystery shopping in Africa! 

So let’s unit, connect, learn and share! We’re stronger together.

Abdel Wahab CHAOUI
MSPA EA Board Director
Associate Director, C&O MARKETING

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