SHOPPERS! We want to hear from YOU!!

Shoppers are full of stories about their experiences, and we would love to share them on the MSPA website.

We will select as many as we can for us all to read, and to enjoy shopper stories from the whole of Europe & Africa and beyond. This is an amazing opportunity to have your voice heard and to get your writing out on a global stage!

We welcome shoppers to send MSPA THEIR insights. Members, please don’t let your shoppers miss out - ask your shoppers to join in!

All you have to do is send an email to - 2-300 words is all we need, definitely not more. To fire up your imaginations, here are some possible topics:

  • Why I became a shopper
  • A MS nightmare
  • The best thing about being a MS
  • My funniest MS visit
  • The advantages of being a MS
  • Where my MS visits have taken me
  • My advice to a new MS

In October we selected several stories from shoppers in the UK about their life and challenges as a Mystery Shopper…….read more