The NHS Report 2017 - PRESS RELEASE

„Hungary, Croatia and Poland have the happiest employees in Europe and Africa on the basis of our findings in 2017“

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (15th May 2018) – MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) Europe/Africa has released its Net Happiness Scores (NHS) for 2017.

Hungary, Croatia and Poland have the happiest employees in Europe and Africa on the basis of our findings last year. Each of these countries have been frequent participants in MSPA Europe/Africa’s NHS survey since it began in 2014, and last year all three posted in excess of 19.000 responses across all key industries measured. 

Hungary leads the way with a score of 75, closely followed by Croatia with 71 and Poland with 66. The next best score was achieved by Greece with a score of 63.

More than 228.000 responses from 39 survey participants were collected in 2017. The biggest batch of „employee happiness“ responses were received from UK member companies (92.807) followed by Czech Republic (37.504), Sweden (14.867) and Lithuania (14.839).

Veronica Boxberg Karlsson, founder of MSPA Europe/Africa, said, “We know from our industry research that employee happiness has a strong influence on customer experience, and will impact the bottom line. The Net Happiness Score is one of several measures that we are taking to help promote the value of mystery shopping in general, and MSPA members in particular, across Europe and Africa.”

*for statistical reasons, only countries with an overall sample higher than 384 reponses/year were included in the country comparison for last year

The results across Europe and Africa achieved an average ‘employee happiness’ score of 31 which corresponds to data from previous years.

From an industry perspective, the government sector had the happiest employees across Europe and Africa last year, with an NHS score of 62 followed by the automotive industry with 48 and hospitality&beauty with 42.

“From 2017 on, our NHS survey is going to be published annually instead of quarterly. The deadline for final data submission for 2018 is January 31st, 2019. Do not hesitate to join us in making our great NHS research even more powerful and reliable for our members” says Vaclav Sojdel, MSPA E/A board director.

About NHS

The Net Happiness Score (NHS) is similar to the Net Promoter Score (NPS) but reflecting the mystery shoppers’ perception of how happy the employee was. Responses 0-6 are regarded as detracting perceptions, 7-8 passive perceptions, and 9-10 positive perceptions. By subtracting the percentage of detracting perceptions from the percentage of positive perceptions, we get the net score of happy employees. If there are 100% positive perceptions, the score will be 100 and if there are 100% detracting perceptions, the score will -100.

About MSPA Europe/Africa

The MSPA is the representative Trade Association for companies participating in, or associated with, the Mystery Shopping industry. The Association operates on a regional basis worldwide, with Chapters located in Europe/Africa, Americas and Asia/Pacific. It is the goal of the MSPA to improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of Mystery Shopping services worldwide.

Everyone can use the data from The Net Happiness Score in any publication, digital or printed, provided they include a reference that the report is managed by MSPA Europe/Africa (MSPA members can download the full report in the Knowledge centre of the Members area of the website). We are happy to include press releases on MSPA Europe/Africa website, and we look forward to receiving your articles and links to publications. All languages are welcome!

For more information about The Net Happiness Score participation or report, please contact:

Vaclav Sojdel
MSPA Europe/Africa Board Director

Veronica Boxberg Karlsson
Founder MSPA Europe/Africa, Past President, Past Chair MSPA Global Board