Respect our Code of Ethics and MSPA will protect you

Your commitment to MSPA's Code of Ethics is not just a signature at the bottom of your annual membership renewal form.

This signature commits you to professional practices, whilst also protecting you against any practice contrary to the rules of the Ethics Code.

In case of any violation to your detriment, you may formalize your concerns by submitting a complaint to the Ethics Committee. The MSPA Governor will oversee the case to seek an amicable solution between the parties involved. If this cannot be found, the MSPA disciplinary procedure will be followed. There follow 4 levels of sanction ; remedy of specific performance, censure, suspension, expulsion. Expulsion includes publication of the decision.

This approach is conducted with professionalism, neutrality, objectivity and discretion.

Case Study

Recently, two MSPA members who had contracted  a third MSPA member located in another country faced significant delays in payment. The quality of their work was not in question.

After 12 months of waiting for payment, the complainants appealed to the MSPA Governor to follow the procedure provided for in the Ethics Code, lodging a complaint against their client for breach of following principles:

  • Respect our clients, their employees, our employees, subcontractors, fellow MSPA members, and the general public;
  • Act with fairness towards other members, within boundaries considered to be professional and presenting ethical and good busoness practices;

An investigation was conducted to identify the cause of the unpaid bills and to try to find an acceptable solution for all three parties. 

All negotiations are conducted in private, and the outcome remains confidential. All the debts were paid 3 months later.

The Ethics Committee were able to reinstate the member at fault into the MSPA, in complete confidentiality.

By respecting our Code of Ethics,  the MSPA protects you!






Alain Dubreuil 
Governor MSPA Europe/Africa

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