Day in the life of a reviewer

Day in the life of a reviewer

It’s a bit of a cliché but in our case every day at work really is different and although I usually have a good idea about what my tasks will be, mystery shopping always throws you curveballs so I have learned to expect the unexpected. 

I usually start with a look at my emails and I try to get queries from shoppers and clients answered in the first half hour of work. I then go on to start reviewing, which can involve anything from written retail reports which are relatively quick, to experience reports, which take up a bit more time, to video shops. I start by looking at the reports that have come in from less experienced shoppers, so we can quickly see what their current standard is and the areas where they might need feedback, training and guidance. If there is anything that particularly stands out, I usually give the shopper a ring. Once this is done, I then move on to reports from our more experienced shoppers.

One of the things I like most about my job is seeing shoppers develop, get more confident and progress in their work, and giving positive feedback is a highlight of my day. When I see areas of progress, areas for improvement or a particularly high standard of report, I note this down on our shopper grading system. My colleagues are the best part of my day, and we work hard but keep each other smiling – it’s a real team effort. Our brilliant head allocators regularly ask me for feedback on shoppers and I let them know my thoughts using the knowledge I have gained over the two years I have been working at Storecheckers. My colleagues are really supportive, and we give each other advice and help where needed. 

All in all, my typical day is varied and never ever dull! I finish off by making sure that any loose ends are as tied up as they can be, and I make my list of to-dos for the next day. 

Claudia at Storecheckers, UK

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