Message from our new board member Vaclav Sojdel - why I joined the board of MSPA

Hi all Mystery Shopping Professionals in Europe and Africa!  As I am an MSPA Europe/Africa board „newcomer“, let me introduce myself.

I have been working as a Country Manager at Market Vision Czech Republic for the last 4 years, responsible for the day to day operations of our company, focussing mainly on the Mystery Shopping, Customer and Competitive Intelligence industries. My motto is; who else can better serve the Mystery Shopping industry than somebody from The „Check“ -  sorry,  „Czech“ Republic.  :-)

My passion for Market Research began during my studies at the University of Economics in Prague, when I began to devote myself to large-scale domestic and international mystery shopping projects in telecommunications, working mainly for T-Mobile and O2. My great interest is to fully utilize the potential of audio and video recordings, particularly for the subsequent individual training or coaching of employees. Another area that I am constantly developing for my clients is the use of Mystery Shopping for price, competitive and benchmark sector analysis. 

After 10 years in the MS industry I felt a need to make a step forward, and this is why I applied for the MSPA board function last year. It is a really big pleasure for me that I was voted in, and can now work for all for you, and with the brilliant team of professionals the MSPA Europe/Africa board is. As a member of the marketing team, I am mainly responsible for social media communication and NHS report coordination. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all in the Algarve, Portugal at the MSPA 2018 annual conference.







Vaclav Sojdel

Director of the MSPA Europe/Africa Board 
Country Manager - MARKET VISION s.r.o.

MSPA Conference 23-25 May 2023