Message from the President - Extending our Reach

Message from the President - Extending our Reach

I hope that 2018 is a year of health, happiness and prosperity for all. We’re starting this year by bringing you good news about the further growth of our association into new markets, and an extension of our membership definition. Both of which we believe will benefit all our current and future members.

Extending in to new territories

We are holding our second meeting in Africa for a growing number of Africa-based members in Nairobi on 21st February, 2018.  We’re looking forward to introducing new professionals to mystery shopping as a research methodology. All existing EU/Africa members are also most welcome to join us at this event.

Extending our Membership Definition

For those in attendance, you may recall an announcement made at the conference in Belgrade. In essence, in support of our association’s objective to grow our membership and maintain our relevance as a methodology in the research, customer experience and performance improvement markets, a decision has now been made by all regions to change the name of the association to:
Mystery Shopping Professionals Association

This change of name to Professionals will continue to embrace provider companies at our core as the only voting members.  It will allow us to extend the reach of the membership to include other professionals who have an interest in and/or use mystery shopping as a methodology and support those that do so. By extending our reach, we firmly believe that the profile and relevance of our industry will be better advanced in the future.

In accordance with our by-laws, the legalities require formal ratification by a vote of members, which will take place in the Algarve during the conference. However, the implementation of the new name will begin this month, and website, logo and communication materials will be updated and shared with you all.

Watch this space for more news coming up!

Jill Spencer
President MSPA Europe/Africa

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