Store Support reveals first "Net Happiness Score" (NHS) results as well as NPS

NHS as an addition to NPS Branche Monitor

Each quarter, Store Support gives an update of the NPS Branche Monitor, in which the different sectors are compared. As an addition to this, it started measuring a new metric called the Net Happiness Score (NHS) in the third quarter of 2015. NHS is a new criterion in all our surveys. It measures the extent to which staff are visibly happy. The score is measured by asking the NHS question: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how happy were the employees you came across during your visit to this shop?"

This metric has been created by MSPA, the international sector organisation for businesses working in mystery shopping research. Collecting this data is part of a larger European investigation in which MSPA has a leading role. In the past year Store Support has joined the MSPA Board of Directors, and in that capacity it was proud to announce the first NHS results in the Netherlands.

Positive NPS in travel, automotive and retail

In the third quarter of 2015 it turned out that the average NPS in the travel sector was an impressive score of +28%. This is an increase of 3% compared to the second quarter of 2015. In the automotive sector there is a drop (-13%) compared to the previous quarter. The NPS nevertheless remains positive, +9%, in automotive. In retail the NPS also showed a slight drop, of -3%. In this sector too the average NPS is still positive: +1%. In short, in all three the sectors there were more (very) positive mystery guest experiences than (very) negative experiences in the past quarter.

Travel: level of recommendation has increased

In the travel sector, the NPS has been very positive for the third quarter in a row. In comparison with the second quarter of 2015, the percentage of (very) negative experiences (Detractors) in particular has dropped.

Automotive: percentage of negative experiences has doubled

Following a strong rise in Q2, the NPS is almost the same as the score for Q1 in 2015 again. In Q3 the NPS is positive once again, with +9%. A point to note is the fact that the percentage of Detractors (score 0-6) has doubled. This has been caused mainly by the lack of enthusiasm among staff, and as a result not enough genuine interest in the customer is shown.

Retail: percentage of Promoters drops for the second quarter in a row and reaches critical turning point

In retail, the NPS has now reached the turning point. Although the NPS had remained structurally positive since 2013, we now see that the number of (very) negative experiences almost equals the percentage of (very) positive experiences.

NHS results for Q3 2015

A striking point in the first NHS results is that staff at travel agencies were assessed very positively in terms of how happy they looked in one out of every three visits. In only 7% of the cases there were negative perceptions with regard to how happy the staff appeared to be. Staff in automotive also made an impression of being happy during the physical visits that took place in the past quarter. In retail, staff made the least happy impression on the mystery guests. This is a cause for concern, as staff in physical shops have to offer added value in comparison with online channels. Previous research by Store Support shows that enthusiasm (and a happy appearance) of staff is an important explanatory factor for the occurrence of promoters.

Branche Monitor

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and is a yardstick for recommendation behaviour, a forecaster of growth and an indicator for customer satisfaction and loyalty.  On the basis of just one figure it is clear how an organisation is doing. This figure is based on the answer to one single question: "How likely are you to recommend this organisation to friends, family or colleagues following this contact moment? The higher the figure, the more positive the outcome. Since January 2011, Store Support has recorded the NPS of the mystery shopper in a large part of its surveys and measurements. The Branche Monitor contains 46,866 assessments in total. Of this number, 33,903 measurements were carried out specifically in the sectors described above (retail, automotive and travel). These sectors are used to working with the NPS. Although this survey contains a large number of measurements, the results are indicative only.

Since this quarter, Store Support has measured the NPS as well as the NHS. As was mentioned above, NHS stands for Net Happiness Score. One single figure shows whether staff look happy and are therefore able to enthuse the customer. This figure is based on the answer to one single question: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how happy were the staff you came across during your visit to this shop?" The percentage of mystery guests that gives a score of 9 or 10 for the NHS question is classified as "Positive perceptions". Scores of 7 or 8 are classified as "Passive perceptions", and the measurements that score a 6 or lower are defined as "Detracting perceptions". The Net Happiness Score is the result of the following calculation: NHS = % of Positive perceptions (positive perceptions of happy staff) - % of Detractive perceptions (negative perceptions of grumpy staff).


Source: Press article, Oktober 2015 

By Dylan Wienke from Store Support (MSPA Member) - 23 October 2015