MSPA Guide to Mystery Shopping

Welcome to our first Guide aimed directly at all users of Mystery Shopping, and providers and their employees.

At the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) our goal is to improve and stimulate the understanding, performance, reputation, and use of Mystery Shopping.

We work to cultivate the culture of professional standards and ethics within the industry, and have an ongoing series of events to Connect, Learn and Share new ideas and developments.

The aim of the MSPA Guide to Mystery Shopping is to clarify the role and purpose of the MSPA;

  • to explain who the MSPA are,
  • why you should invest in Mystery Shopping from one of our members,
  • and why you need to do so now!

Read or download here a PDF version of our first ever here:

It is designed to show the value of Mystery Shopping with professional organisations, and the variety of uses and extent of the benefits. The objective is to promote the use of Mystery Shopping and working with professional organisations.

This Guide is for everyone involved in Mystery Shopping. MSPA member company and employees, clients, partners and shoppers; feel free to share to anyone you believe to be interested!

The book about Mystery Shopping