New Year News from the MSPA EA

Hi from Stefaan…

Hello and Happy New Year to all our MSPA members and friends.

2020 presented us all with many challenges and we hope the support we have provided in the last year has in some way helped you connect, learn and share to support you and your business.

As an MSPA board, 2020 has meant that we had to look at things differently, and adapt to new forms of communication.  Many of you have joined in with our online training, webinars and online workshops, and especially our first virtual conference.  We have had valuable feedback from many of you, which has helped us to focus on what you found of most use and support and will be using your ideas to build even more opportunites to connect during 2021. 

We recognise that this year has started with the same and more challenges for many of us.  Our focus is on continuing to provide you with opportunitites to prepare for the future, and protect ourselves to retain and grow a dynamic, relevent and valuable Mystery Shopping Industry in the future.  There is a glimpse of a brighter future and we remain dedicated to helping our members make the most of every opportunity to assist clients, colleagues and shoppers.  

Here is how we hope to help you start 2021!

Introducing the MSPA Hub – Date for your Diary – Friday  29th January 2021

We have an exciting new programme to bring us together – The MSPA EA Hub. The Hub is a FREE online event forum for all EA MSPA members AND their employees, whatever their role, where they can connect, learn and share from others. There will be Hub Events every quarter, to keep all our members ‘in the loop’ connected and motivated.   As a privilege to our members only, The Hub is where we can all connect for our collective benefit.

The first event will be at 10:30am Amsterdam time on Friday 29th January 2021, when our OnAir portal will open. Registration is OPEN, for more information click here! 

As you can see, we have a number of presentations, including an interactive Induction Session to the MSPA for both New Members and for Existing Members who wish to introduce their staff to the benefits of MSPA. 

We will also provide some new and unique ways to network with other members and of course a full briefing on what is coming up from the MSPA, including polls and opportunities to share best practice.

Learning opportinities in Quarter 1

Our first online training workshop will follow soon after, scheduled on Thursday February 11th, 2021...

"How to make the most of online communication tools in your Mystery Shopping Business"

Hosted by Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck MSPA President, with support from Nikky Alkemade (Workshop is great value at only 35 euros). Please see the website for further details, but act fast as it is only open to the first 20 delegates. This may be repeated later based on demand. Registration will be open soon, for more information click here!

In the Learning Pipeline…

We are building a Masterclass programme online that will cover workshops on building a better business, how and where to diversify, how to adapt your business to market conditions and other important topics.  This is scheduled for March but may be available sooner if we are able to do so.

We are also developing the ethics and guidelines courses to help us all understand the importance of good ethical practice, so we continue to enhance  the professional use of Mystery Shopping and enable our members and their teams to add to their own personal accreditation – there is no better time to learn than now so check out our current courses at: mspa-e-learning.html

Elite for 2021!  Final call for 15th January 2021

For those that are interested in obtaining Elite status, the deadline is January 15th, please click on this link and act fast, we hope to announce Elite Members on 29th January in the Hub, so be there to see if your name is on the list! Here is a reminder of what to do…Become-one-of-our-elite.html

And finally…

The MSPA is grateful for your continued support and we strive above all to offer excellent value for your membership. Renewal invoices have been sent out so let us know if you do not have yours yet or have any questions, we look forward to staying connected and your continued support.

Wishing all of us a healthy, happy and better 2021!


Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck
President MSPA Europe/Africa

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