E-Learning Programme for Mystery Shoppers and Employees

The Shopper Certification Courses:

Our Mystery Shopper Certification programme is available, updated and ready to use! 3 Courses for Shoppers to learn more about the industry and the work as a Mystery Shopper...

  • Level 1 - Shopper Certification - Introduction
  • Level 2 - Shopper Certification - Implementation
  • Mystery Shoppers COVID-19 Protocols Certification

The Member Professional Certification Courses:

These colleague certification tests are the basic qualification MSPA Europe/Africa currently provides to member employees who sell, design, set up, operate and analyse data as part of Mystery Shopping programmes in Europe and Africa.

  • Employees Codes of Ethics - Entry level
  • GDPR & Legislation for the MSPA Professional
  • COVID-19 Protocol for Face to Face Mystery Shopping

How to start Learning with MSPA EA?

The MSPA EA e-learning area is for any individual that wants to start learning with MSPA. Continue below and register as a MSPA Learning Professional. 

  1. As an individual you must register first to create an account before progressing, this is free of charge and it allows you to enter the content of all courses available and order them in case wanted. Click here to register.
    • MSPA members main contacts with an active login do not need to register again, please directly login with your credentials and move to the WEBSHOP. 
  2. Then browse to the “WEBSHOP” to see what is in store! Keep checking back as new courses, webinars and workshops become available.
  3. After you selected your item and completed the payment your course, webinar or other items are available immediately in the "MY COURSES".
  4. And Finally, as you pass more and more courses your learning history will show in the “MY RESULTS” section.
  5. If you have already registered in our Learning System please. Click here to Log in.

Happy learning! Find out more and register to learn by visiting the E-Learning Area

COVID-19 Integrated Response: Achieve Safety
COVID-19 Integrated Response: Achieve Safety

Mystery Shopping With Focus on Health & Safety