MSPA Members Webinar - Future Thinking - April 22nd

MSPA Members Webinar - Future Thinking - April 22nd

Dear Friends,

We are still moving fast!

The video recording of our fourth webinar - Future Thinking (April 22nd) is available for MSPA members only in the secure area of MSPA regional websites. We have also included a summary of the Q and A in the webinar, together with some further responses from MSPA to share more understanding between us all.

For MSPA EA members please login at and visit the KNOWLEDGE section in the member area.

A big thank to all 80+ members who attended the webinar, to Keira McKenzie-Smith, Alexander Tichy, Klan Shen and Carlo van den Berg, for their time and contribution, as well to Stefaan, Nikky and Nigel for hosting and organising the webinar,

We are planning the next Webinar for Wednesday 6th of May at the same time; 3:00pm Amsterdam (GMT+2) / 2:00pm London (GMT+1), the invites will be out shortly!

If you have any questions to ask, join the Private Facebook Group - "MSPA Members - Corona Info" or reach out to your MSPA office by email, social media or WhatsApp.

Best wishes, take care and Happy Easter,
The MSPA EA Team

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