PODCAST #9 – Women's Day Special with Julia, Kerli and Livia

PODCAST #9 – Women's Day Special with Julia, Kerli and Livia

On today's episode we celebrate Women's Day with three dynamic women of the Mystery Shopping Industry. We discuss gender equality issues and progress made in our industry as well as role-models and steps that companies can take towards building a more equiatble workplace for women! MSPA has many inspiring women in our association, from our founder, Veronica, to our excellent executive Nikky, to the newest members that joined in the last year. These are the voices of a few, we would love to hear the views of many more!

Julia Kaufmann grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and started her company in college at the age of 21 and still runs it today. She is a member of the advisory board of the Quality Association of German Pharmacists and a trained quality trainer. Now a „mompreneur“, she runs her own company and participates in other ventures.

Kerli Soosar is the  CEO and partner of Dive, which operates in 8 countries today: all Nordics, Baltics and Poland. She has experience in customer service monitoring and management almost 20 years.

Livia Gervasoni is the CEO of KIK. in Italy one of the most dynamic and respected institutes in the field of market research, not only in Italy, but also internationally.  "

Watch this space for more contributions!

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