How a Prime Restaurant managed to increase turnover <BR>by 300% in a month

How a Prime Restaurant managed to increase turnover
by 300% in a month


One of the leading restaurants at a major airport.

Why is it important to measure?


Why use an MSPA member company?


Why use Mystery Shopping?

The Client had a clear revenue goal for his restaurant and used a well proven Gastro Systems tool. Despite the realistically defined commercial goals and Gastro System used, the daily and monthly results were far from where they should have been. The client had to understand why performance was significantly behind target before the need to close down became a reality.


The client chose a provider with a wider research background; a provider that was able to implement standards and match them to best practices of the industry. Strong business ethics was also important to the client. Provider selection was taken from a pool of internationally experienced providers in the respective industry with relevant track records in HoReCa.


After analyzing the business reports from previous months, it was clear to the client that the challenge needed to be solved using a full suite of complementary methodologies. Therefore, a range of research methods, including mystery shopping was applied so that the client could gain a deep understanding of the issues and solve them.

What were the project specifics?

Classical Mystery Guest was the first step of the audit. All areas of the Restaurant such as Infrastructure, Architecture, Service, Kitchen, Toilets etc. were measured with a tailor-made questionnaire. Results were analyzed together with the Owner and responsible Manager.

Systematic fraud had been suspected despite the fact that a proven Gastro System had been in place. Observations for different days and daytimes, and up to three observers simultaneously were executed. All identified fraud was clearly documented.

What were the results?

The key finding to the big surprise of the client was that even though they had a professional Gastro System in place, by human creativity and a certain potential of criminal energy there is ways to outwit the system. As most of the staff had been involved in the fraud, new HR was selected, put in place and trained on the job. Our Program Manager went for three months full time to the client to put new procedures in place, including the creation of a brand-new menu and supply chain process.

What were the commercial benefits?

  • Fraud was reduced close to zero
  • Revenue has tripled within the first month
  • Loyalty and trust within the crew have defined a new corporate culture


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