The MSPA Hub - Virtual Event - 11th February 2022


For MSPA EA members only! The next HUB event is on its way...

On 11th February, Luis Duarte, President of MSPA EA, will open our first Hub meeting of 2022! Are you joining us? 

The whole session will run for 2 hours, starting at 10.30am Amsterdam time! Time well spent to Connect, Learn and Share.


We will be opening the HUB (OnAir) portal at 10:30am Amsterdam time on:

  • 11th February 2022

  • 23rd September 2022

  • 16th December 2022

The HUB is the place for all employees from MSPA EA member companies to join in with the MSPA - this is included to Your membership -  to all members and their teams. Hub events will continue throughout the year as an additional benefit for our members; most Hub webinars and network activities during the year included to the membership for all MSPA EA member companies and some events and workshops will be paid and you are asked to register separately.

The HUB is for everyone - owners, new business getters, account managers and operational team members to stay in touch and find our more. 

Access to HUB EVENTS is INCLUDED in the membership 

of all MSPA EA Members and their staff:

As is our style, it will not all be work, there will be chances to socialise as well! 

MSPA EA members and all their staff will be granted free access to The Hub when registering using an email address connected to the domain name of their company (

Keep the above dates in your diary and watch this space for even more Hub events in 2022. 

Registration - who is invited to register?

Only MSPA EA members and all their staff will be granted access to The Hub. Access and attednance to all MSPA Hub events is included to the MSPA EA membership.

When registering please use an email address connected to the domain name of your MSPA EA member company ( All registration will be checked before access is confirmed prior to the Hub event. MSPA EA reserves the right to remove any registrations received that cannot be connected to a MSPA EA Member company without notification to the person who registered.

You only need to register once to receive access for the entire 2022;

prior to the Hub event you will receive your personal login details to access the Hub and you will be able to attend all free activities and events MSPA EA organizes in 2022. Paid conferences, master classes and workshops will run in the Hub as well, however you will be asked to register separately for these events and agree to the fees applicable.

Have you already registered and/or attended a previous Hub?
If so you will automatically receive a reminder of your login details prior to the event, you do not need to register again!

Use the REGISTRATION button above to start your registration for the Hub.

An exception to the above are individuals who received a personal guest invite to attend one of the MSPA Hub events. They will be granted access to the Hub for 1 specific event and login will be deactivated afterwards.

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