MSPA Webinar - Panel Discussion

MSPA Webinar - Panel Discussion

Following on from our first 5 webinars and successful hangout we are delighted to announce that we have been able to gather the great and good form MSPA Europe Africa to answer your questions! A clear point of view may be forming and it is time to gather this all in one place…

Webinar Topic "Mystery Shopping 2.0 - A vision for our future"

Gathered on our virtual stage will be:

  • Veronica Box Karlsson - Sweden - Founder of MSPA Europe and an active writer, researcher and commentator on all things Mystery Shopping – Founder Better Business Worldwide
  • Jill Spencer - UK - Chair of MSPA Global and Past President of MSPA Europe/Africa and Associate Director of React CX
  • Luis Duarte – Portugal – Vice President and Treasurer of MSPA Europe/Africa and Founder of More Results
  • Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck – Belgium – President of MSPA Europe/Africa – TLS

Nigel and Nikky will moderate and ask questions on the day.


Wednesday May 27th, 2020


3:00pm Amsterdam (CEST/GMT+2)
2:00pm London (BST/GMT+1)
9:00am New York (GMT-4)

PLEASE SEND US ANY QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE!  WE ARE FOCUSSING ON THE VISION OF MYSTERY SHOPPING IN THE FUTURE! Include your question to your webinar registration or email Nikky at

We are interested in your perspective, the challenges and opportunities and how we at the MSPA can work together to help our members to Connect, Learn and Share in our new world.

Registration is needed 

As an MSPA member registration is free of charge via the online registration form - invites are send to all main MSPA EA contacts by email and shared in the private FB group of MSPA..

Register now, with so much going on please don’t  miss the opportunity to Connect, Learn and Share.

See you then…

Your MSPA team

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